There are secrets you gotta keep, to prevent your world from turning upside down. You do that to keep on living, hoping for a better day after a guileless past.

Nonetheless, there are secrets you’d like to share, so your world falls apart, so you can move on. That way, maybe, you’ll have hope in a future where you won’t suppress yourself. That way, maybe, you’ll actually live, not simply live on.

Secrets are there to either destroy you from the inside or the outside. Either way, you’re doomed. If you destroy them, you wreck your current life alongside. If you keep them, they shatter your hope of a free and a slightly pink-ish life.

In the meantime, you go on hiding, acting like someone you’re not. You keep on hesitating until a day comes and you realize you became someone no one knows of.

Photographer : Kristina Flour

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  1. hey, I really liked your blog and how amazing is your writing ❤ keep the good work and thanks for the follow

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    1. ZuuZZa says:

      Hey hey fellow Moroccan 😉
      Me too I was quite surprised and happy when I found your blog. I love it ❤ Keep it up

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  2. I’m glad to find a blog like yours, please visit my blog and follow if you like my work!


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