The sad part of the misogyny embedded in our culture isn’t restricted in the normalization of sexism that we often fail to recognize it, but the fact that women still pride themselves of upholding the old myths to the detriment of their own rights.

“Boys will be boys”, but women should act like “good little girls”. Only when we notice the effect of those words on the young ones and ourselves, only when we fight them and extract them from the back of our mind, only then we can hope for a change.

Photographer : Jerry Kiesewetter


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  1. cphickey77 says:

    Great points. We are better than this. That is why I teach my kids to not follow those sentiments. Fighting the good fight and changing the system one loving lesson at a time.

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    1. ZuuZZa says:

      You’re so right. “Culture does not make people. People make culture.” The change starts from us.

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  2. marvaseaton says:

    You are so right it is time that women hold men accountable and stop making excuses for them.

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