Laying last night,
I was wondering
why about romance I can’t write.
Although, I am in love, and that man is one of a kind.
I was wondering
if I should try.
So I told my mom that I kind of write.
She told me,it was my pastime as a child.
She told me, I suddenly stopped without saying why.
I was wondering
why would I be such a vile?
Oh! I made a joke. It’s been a while.
You see, I kind of have a bad memory.
I barely remember what matters to me,
and although that is hard to see,
it is a blessing as much of a calamity.
The heartaches are no more hunting my dreams.
I am forgetting, and barely forgiving who made my soul crumble and bleed.
Oh! how I wish I believed,
that my defect have made me heal.

I was wondering
if this place will one day be a reminder to how I used to be.
So, I will only write the words that flow from my heart.
Those I know are mine and not a whim from the back of my mind.

Written by : ZuuZZa
Photographer : Álvaro Serrano

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  1. Abhi Raj says:

    Beautiful it iS


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