Snow White

They said he is sorry.
What’s more, do you wish for him to be?
They said he’s hurting as well.
That he knows he’s done wrong
and that’s enough of a torment to hold on.

I wish I’d said,
what if he’s sorry and in pain from his own wrongs?
He’s the one who causes them.
Why should I suffer from his temper
and bleed tears instead of him?

I am no snow white!
Never claimed to be.
Since you told me that bedtime story,
I despised myself, and thought I’m probably the queen,
Now, I despise her.
She was no heroine!
How come someone who can never save herself be?
Laying problems on others,
smiling through them and doing some laundries,
is that how they wish us to be?
In a real world, there is no prince charming who kisses the problems and makes them disappear.

A partner should be someone who can depend on you and you on,
shouldn’t make you take in more than you can hold on.
If he abuses you that a red line you have to put a stop on.
Believe me,
you don’t need a blue eye to make an assumption on what’s going on.
It suffices if he degraded you on and on.

Written by : ZuuZZa
Photographer : Nicole Mason

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