The Odds

One, two then three.
I take seamless breaths.
Another night full of thoughts,
I might need a moment to pull them off.
I’ve been living a lie.
I’ve been a lie.
Who I am, I am yet to find,
but greatness I’ve never mind.
I’m to be made by my own hand.
I’m to lead my own life then to my own death.
Bury me when my body is dead cold,
don’t suffocate me under a man’s coat.
I might live with it and I might like it,
but I’d be a degraded copy,
I’d be hopelessly happy.
I’d be a shell, a womb and never my own.
My glory is not money, position or title.
It’s the happiness of making my own,
happiness of beating the odds,
and been someone whole.

Written by : ZuuZZa

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